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LEGO of the month

Every month, cutiepie867 and I will post a new creation that we made on this area. some are huge, some small, but they are cool!

august 2010

 this is a guy coming out of his robes. It reminds me of The Evil Emperor from Star wars… Feb 10

This is the Tricreatops with other creations like a mammoth. I made the Triceratops and the mammoth. im working on the T-Rex thing.  Dec 08

This is a star wars fighter. Tigerdudeboy owns one, and also has an upwalker!!! September 07

We didnt make this, but boy, is it cool! August 07

This is made out of legos on a red rock surface-July 07


7 Responses to “LEGO of the month”

  1. cutiepie867 said

    The computer is made completely of legos!!!

  2. John said

    I love this month’s lego creation! It has inspired me to make some of my own!!!

  3. tigerdudeboy said

    hello, im the owner of, and c0-owner of this site. Hi cutiepie867! I hope everybody out there is excited about this club!

  4. Nancy said

    I love LEGO’s and I believe this is a great site for lEGO’s!

  5. BraminMan said

    U didn’t update for a while

  6. BraminMan said

    I agree with Nancy also and she neva came back

  7. FunBrainAddictBoyKid said

    hey wut iz dis site about i goodled lego stuff u cam up can i join fan clud

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