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i made this halfthis is the half i builtagain my new set that i rarely play with because it is so fragle

a base that i made on my own (with out a set or instrcshins

Here are some new pics of the lego atlantics set I got today.

my new lego atlantis set


This is the mars mission legos that I have.  Notice the Tiger in some pictures. That is how you know it is mine. I put the Death Star in too soon to get the tiger in it! This is all my mars mission stuff!!! And now, I am adding more stuff! Take a look!!

My brickmaster sets


Tigerdudeboy's Bionicles (With Tiger)

Tigerdudeboy's Bionicles (With Tiger)


My LEGO mars mission ship

My LEGO mars mission ship


Notice Tiger!!!

My Other ones From Mars Mission: Notice Tiger!!!


Tigerdudeboy is the lego collector. He has lots of creations, like his death star and walker from star wars. This is his completed death star:    


Cool huh? How big is your creation? post it on here!



  1. tigerdudeboy said

    This is my fav lego creation ever! And I am the co-owner of this site!

  2. tigerdudeboy said

    Yeah I made a big truck that i call Monster, and I also have a LEGO star wars walker. But my favorite is the Mars mission big ship I have. i’ll post it on here! I really have all this stuff! Im very lucky! And i made a rare lego train that i’ll post later.

  3. tigerdudeboy said

    It took me 3 months to finnish that death star and i was missing one stinkin’ piece!

  4. sumah97 said

    The death star is really exspensive

  5. Yancy said

    I know, right? I dont have that much to spend on legos! how do you make money for it all?

  6. legomaster said

    Heye… can you please put some sharp photos up your site cause these are blurred

  7. cutiepie867 said

    it takes a long time to save up our allowance.. and now our camera is crap. !ay!

  8. fan 1 lego said

    yo tengo la batalla de endor lego pero kiciera tener la estrella de la MUERTE me vale tener 9 años y dice 14+…

  9. cutiepie867 said

    Me gusta hacer (el) legos

  10. ??? said

    i built many spaceships with NO instructions beat that! my creations(3 carriers 2inceprators 2speeders 1podracer all theamed on star wars)

  11. said

    dude i am 11 years old and i built this click the link:

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