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Here you can chat about legos, put up your own LEGO creations, and win prizes (Like memberships to, with 1 million coin people) All contestants must make a online lego player and tell us what they want their name to be (And, sorry, password) So anyway, chat, have fun, and look at cool lego stuff! And Enter the contest to name the tiger!

So, you all know about the tiger in our pictures. He is famous! But all we call him is tiger. So we need you to come up with a good name for him. Enter a name by commenting below. We will keep you updated on what names are up. Here are the current ideas. Name the tiger or vote on it:

1) Mr. Stripes
2) Roar
3) Brick

Be sure to comment! Your prize will be to always be a memebr of this online LEGO club and have your name on the home page and on the lego club page! And see the tiger name everywhere!!!! (For the full ranks list, go to the RANK page.)


President: tigerdudeboy

Vice President: Bluestar


ZOOM-Zoom Forever
Mrs. WordPress

‘This is a guitar hero LEGO guitar!!! Holy smokes!!!

Ok, I will put some cool stuff below. That i made. Remember the Tiger!!!

The Dawarvem Mine

The Dawarvem Mine


37 Responses to “LEGO Club Central”

  1. cutiepie867 said

    my favorite LEGo thing is the Mars mission and the christmas train! I’ll post it later. I love when my mom takes it apart after Christmas so I can make it again the next Winter! It is fun, and it always seems new!

  2. tigerdudeboy said

    Ok, What happened to the rest of the pictures????

  3. Yancy said

    There were more?!?!?! i wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cutiepie867 said

    Our camera was lost… and now busted…. sorry!

  5. BraminMan said

    Brick is what I vote for Can i join ur club plz plz plz

  6. Naruto said

    I like legos. They are cool. But they have too many lines on them and the studs donnt hold togetther to welll.

  7. Naruto said

    I join club i like da name Mr. Stripes

  8. Sofia said

    Amo los legos

  9. lalalalalalala said

    I enjoy lego creations and this site is very cool. You should update it often if you want people to come to it.

  10. lalalalalalala said

    I wanna join too i name da tiger thing Mr. Stripes

  11. dimitrihasalargeclan said

    Hi can I join? I can give you links for my pictures! I runa large lego weblog which is http://www.leogs.wikispaces.coom I hope you go to it.

    I think it should be named Mr. Stripes.

  12. dimitrihasalargeclan said

    i will put more pics of my mmos and legos up soon!

  13. WOWFanBoy said


    I’m a fan of online gaming


  14. FunBrainAddictBoyKid said

    join me now yay i hav lego come back lots now

  15. FunBrainAddictBoyKid said

    put new pic on page here i like

  16. FunBrainAddictBoyKid said

    if u rlly like legos go i make fun stuff

  17. Bluestar said

    Hey I really like the new pictures you put up. Keep at it bro!

  18. ZOOM-Zoom Forever said

    Need ideas for building LEGO models. Tigerdudeboy, you seem to know much in the field of LEGO creation. Do you have any ideas that will impress, but not be hard to create? I saw you have some smaller creations. May I copy some of them for my own blog?

    Many thanks,


  19. ZOOM-Zoom Forever said

    Also, yes, I will gladly join your LEGO club. When I open my blog to the public, I will give you first dibs. Thanks!


  20. Bluestar said

    Aany one want to see tigerdudeboys new site?

  21. KE$HA FAN$ said

    On ur sign up sheet, it says george is one of the options to name the tiger. U should put it on this page below da other ones.

  22. Mrs. WordPress said

    How many LEGO creations do you have exactly? You seem to have a lot of pictures out now. I also wanted to tell you that the LEGO people have made new sets, I think they are called Dragon Hunters, or something to that extent. If you get any of those new sets, don’t hesitate to display them on your website! Keep it up, and you may catch the eye of someone from the LEGO network!

  23. MASTERbuilder said


  24. Bluestar said

    holey moley see the good that comes from updating?!?!

  25. Ghoststar said

    hey MASTERbuilder refferred me jst wqanted to say

  26. Ghoststar said

    make sure to add me too

  27. meeboguest1234567890 said

    srry dont hav a email
    i will join i hope this will get lots of ppl

  28. meeboguest1234567890 said

    btw master builder refered me just 2 tell u i refer someone too

  29. Raintail said

    I am Raintail from cutekittys. I was referred by Masterbuilder who goes on the same forum I occupy. I believe I am not the biggest fan of the LEGO phenomena, but I will do my best.

  30. SIRfailman said

    hey i wuz refered by da meeboguest1234567890 or whatev

  31. Bluestar said

    Okay, thanks guys for looking and liking this site so much.

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