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Hi, im tigerdudeboy. I like to build with my legos, play runescape, and play club penguin. My fav lego creation i have made is my death star.  

this is “me” in my legos(tigerdudeboy)  

this is tigerdudeboy (me)


 This is Bluestar(cutiepie867)  

blue star(cutiepie867)


4 Responses to “About”

  1. tigerdudeboy said

    Go to for my runescape clan, which is so fun!

  2. Yancy said

    I love runescape! On runescape, i am killallmen76. like the name?

  3. dimitrihasalargeclan said

    You need a search bar.

  4. dimitrihasalargeclan said

    otherwise koolio

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