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A LEGO Christmas

Posted by tigerdudeboy on December 5, 2008

On Saturday, I got the new winter LEGO catalog, and saw some great gifts to go on every LEGO lovers list. First off, we have the:

*Chess Board. You make the board by putting flat pieces of legos on the baseplate, then build the chessmen! Only $199.99! (Okay, that isn’t only two hundred dollars, but it is something you would use alot!

*A LEGO base plate. You always need a new plate to build on!  Comes in green, 10″ by 10″, or greey, 15″ by 15″. I reccomend the grey one. $4.99 and $14.99

*Coast guard platform. This is like an oil platform. it has a crane, a helicopter and a landing pad, a radio tower, and 4 minifigures! $49.99

*Crosstown Craze. You know those LEGO cars, like the nightrider one I made? It’s a car made of.. you guessed it, LEGo’s! their are 7 “Tiny Turbo” racers in it. you build them, then i think you can roll them around to play. Best price yet: $39.99

*DS lego games. The Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Batman LEGo DS games are very good. i have the one Called Star Wars: The origanal Series. I almost beat it! It is very fun! For more info, go to: and search lego. Avalible in many other consoles


One Response to “A LEGO Christmas”

  1. tigerdudeboy said

    My christmas list this year is: Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And nintendo DS games.

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